All about me - your gloryhole slut wife who loves creampie.

I get a lot of questions posed to me and my playtime so I thought I would just put them down on this page. I hope you enjoy reading my responses and when I get new questions I will try to get them posted.
How tall am I? 5' 2" but I wish I was taller... :)
How much do I weigh? That varies from 115 to 120 lbs but I try to stay in that area.
How old am I? I am in my mid-thirties house wife, not gonna say ;)
Am I Fertile? Yes, but my husband is fixed and I use the callendar to figure out my fertile time.
Am I married? Yes and very happly.
Does he know? Yes he does and he enjoys watching the videos and working on this website.
Have I ever gotten knocked up? No, not from a gloryhole creampie anyway.
How often do I go to the gloryhole? Depends on the time of the month and my mood.
How many men have you fucked at the gloryhole? That I don't know for sure, but quite a few.
Do I like it when men cum inside? Oh yes, its my favorite part, theres something wickely erotic about bringing another person to orgasm.
What does a creampie feel like? Warm and sticky, seriously, sometimes I can feel the pumping but most of the time I just feel the heat in my belly and then the wetness when it drips out.

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Why did you start this site? We have always enjoyed sharing our adventures by uploading pictures and video to free gloryhole sites but it became a headache. Sites would go up and then dissapear, messages would be deleted and such. We had so many requests for reposts that I couldn't keep up so we just desided to make our own site, where we could share with those who enjoy watching.
Why did you make it a pay site? At first it was free but we soon found out that paying for the website and the stuff that comes with it wouldn't last, so we had to add Pro Adult. We liked it because it was cheap for people and it makes our site possible, plus it keeps the naughty stuff out of sight.
Can I download your videos? Sure you can, and I hope you do. My husband does the movie work and does the techy stuff on here, I just try to add my personal notes and play, but the videos are in mpeg format so everyone should be able to enjoy them.

So whats this all about? This little hot wife site is just our way of sharing our gloryhole creampie moments with friends and fans. Its not a full time operation and its not a place to find new pictures and videos everyday. My little site is for those that are interested in gloryhole female sex and more specifically gloryhole sex between a man and a wife which ends with a creampie. so if you would like to take a peek inside and see a real wife fuck strangers at the local hole then we hope you cum inside and enjoy our rare movies and photos.

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