The Hot Wife at the Gloryhole Movie

Once again I returned to my favorite gloryhole and of course was lucky enough to make a nice creampie movie for everyone. I did have to wait a while before an unsuspecting soul wondered into the gloryhole booth next to mine but once there he quickly desided that my pussy would make a good home for his rod. After quiding his fat member into my fertile pussy I humped him wildlyu until he filled me with creampie, as you can clearly see... :)
My hubby really likes this movie, not just because I once again shed my panties and took a strange cock at the gloryhole, but more for the visual element. This was my first attempt at moving the camera to a chair for a side view and it turned out wickedly wild.
The closeup picture of my hairy pussy filled with cock are only the beginning, the creampie at the end of the movie was picture perfect and you can even see sticky globs of cum dribble from inside me when my new lover pulled out.
I have to say his cock rubbing against the top of my vagina felt really good too, and I wasn't the least bit surprised when he got off so quickly and left the gloryhole, and me standing there with a pussy full of cum.

It wasn't until I got home and showed hubby the movie that I found out how much he enjoyed watching this particular one, so I put the movie up on our gloryhole creampie page so if you want to watch it and support our fun please check it out. Remember to check back for out latest adventures shooting new gloryhole movies... DK your Gloryhole Creampie Wife.

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