My First Gloryhole Pictures ending with a creampie.

After a break, due to the old hole closing, I'm back with another creampie but this time my husband used a digital photo camera and took some great shots of me fucking a strange cock at the new gloryhole.
I've heard the old saying, all good things must come to an end, and this was true for our old hangout. The book store that had become a favorite place to play suddenly closed down their booths which put an end out our sexual gloryhole adventures. Lucky for us a new location was just found and we hope to bring new video of this great place.
The first pictures of me standing inside the gloryhole. I peaked thru the hole to watch our friend slide out his creampie pumping cock.
This was our first visit and one thing we noticed was the sign up front that strickly forbit video cameras. We almost had to move on but after a brief chat with the store clerk, who was as horny as I was, he agreed to let us snap some photos inside the booths, the only condition, well I had to fuck him!
A first time picture of me on my knees sucking a strangers penis. I stood up and put his cum spewing rod inside my fertile pussy.
After being without a place to play for so long it was quickly desided and off we all went, I entered one booth and our new friend entered the other. It didn't take long before he had his cock poking thru the gloryhole and I dropped to my knees to swallow his stiff erection with hubby snapping the pictures.
A closeup picture of me humping at the gloryhole. My panties coving my freshly fucked and creampie dripping pussy.

After warming up his dick I stood and worked myself into position, then grasping his rod I slid it entirely inside my pussy and started to hump away. It was thrilling to finally be back and it didn't take much work to get our eager new friend off because he expoaded inside my cunt pretty fast.When he finished I pulled up my panties just as the creampie began to leak out and hubby took some fun photos. Unfortunately we where interupted by the bell at the door and had to stop but we took some great shots I hope you all enjoy... DK your Gloryhole Creampie Wife.

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