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Made it back this to my favortile gloryhole and found a willing stranger to play with me. I felt so used as he no more than got inside me when he exploded inside and left me standing there dripping and slimy... :( On a good I did figure the lights stay on as long as I don't pay for movies... :)


This one was also filmed at the bookstore downtown within the utility closet next to the booths. After waiting for what seemed an eternity a friendly willing playmate entered the booth and took an interest in what this gloryhole wife had to offer.


At first he was trying to sweet talk me into joining him in his booth but as the rules of the gloryhole are one person per stall it was easy to convince him to simply give me his cock for some creampie ending action. He had a very nice penis, nice and plump, which felt amazing inside my pussy. As soon as his erect member poked through the hole I quickly pointed its tip towards my warm and very wet lips.


The feeling of a stranger penetrating my inner parts is always thrilling and this was no exception. I could feel all the head of his penis pop through my lips and his shaft was pulsing as I drove him deeper and deeper into to vagina. Like many of the others it didn't take him long to orgasm and fill my hairy snatch full of sperm. As he pulled away a large gloryhole creampie followed and you can see a big glob of his cum spilling from my freshly filled lips. It was great fun and one I hope you all enjoy watching.



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