What is a gloryhole creampie?

This question used to be asked a lot, but now that more people have access to the internet it has slowed but for those that don't know what the two terms mean here is the answer. My web site is for those that are interested in gloryhole sex and specifically gloryhole sex between a man and a mywelf which ends with the me receiving a creampie. A creampie is an internal cumshot where I let the guy cum inside my vagina instead of sucking him off.

What is a gloryhole? Well it is just a hole, cut between two closets, a bathroom stall, or some other type of wall. The hole is located at a point equal to the distance from the floor at a mans penis so that he can stand and be serviced from a hot wife like myself from the other side. The hole is normally only large enough for the mans cock but some are large enough to allow a hand thru but never any bigger. The ways its used is obvious, a guy would stand at the hole and put his cock through so that this girl can have fun with it.

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